NéBULA is an association that offers participative workshops, through different artistic practices, particularly related to photography and image, in order to create spaces for expression and participative storytelling
A first photo workshop has been set up in Paris, with people in exile from camps and young asylum seekers, so that they can represent themselves and share their points of view, while learning new communication techniques.
Basic human needs may be essential, but being able to express oneself, finding support in a collective project and having anchoring points are also vital.
Since then, collaborations with different structures have multiplied and several projects have been born.
● Encourage expression through different mediums that everyone can embrace, such as photography, collage, illustration, writing. 
● Promote the co-construction of projects, according to different needs and desires of the participants.
● Contribute to empowerment and promote group spirit. 
● Create an environment that allows the participants to disconnect from recurring thoughts and to recharge their batteries, contributing to reconstruction following post-traumatic trauma.
● Provide technical tools from the digital word, witch can be used on a daily basis, through fun activities.
● Make culture more accessible, by relying on active participation where different types of knowledge are valued. 
● Create spaces for exchange and dialogue between people from different backgrounds.
● Provide resources to raise awareness, deconstruct and change the way we look at certain realities.

© Sadik / NéBULA

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